You Can Nearly Taste It

Like most of you, I’ve been obsessed with gay porn for quite some time. I have quite the soft spot for porn, as it actually is what I attribute most to my sexual awakening. Like a lot of teens, I wanted to experiment with porn, and like most boys, I searched for the things that I knew the other kids liked. My search history was littered with the cringiest straight boy buzzwords. Big Boobs, tits, busty- so basically I knew boys liked breasts. But once I hit play, I always found my eyes meandering over to the male talent. It wasn’t long before I found myself clicking on MMF threesomes and longing for the men to have action between the two of them. Eventually, I gave in and switched to gay porn, and I never looked back.

Even though I have a long personal history with gay porn, I’m still discovering new things that I like. Recently, I discovered that VR porn puts me in the moment like never before. I can almost taste the jizz, it all feels so real. When you sign up to save 41% with a discount to Virtual Real Gay, you too can unlock a whole new level to hot gay porn that is so sweet you will never look back!