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Fucking In the Forest

There’s never a bad time for hot hardcore gay sex. And apparently, that extends to when you’re taking a hike in the forest. I’ve never been an outdoorsy man myself, but if I knew I would be meeting a sexy topless hunk to fuck and suck along with my boyfriend, I’d be hitting the trails all day. And that’s exactly what happens in this exciting bareback scene from Falcon Studios!

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Father Son Bonding Time

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Transgender Dolls: All Facts You Should know

In the norm, the male gets attracted to females and vice versa. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to everybody. Some of us have a different opinion when it comes to sexual and affection preferences. Instead of the norm, they prefer the opposite. For them, the exquisite beauty of a sexy woman attracts them just as much as the handsomeness of a man. Most certainly, you have heard of gays and lesbians. Now, this transgender group does not mind whether male or female. Their primary concern is getting that exemplary sexual pleasure from whoever they are attracted to.

In the making of the best sex dolls, these groups of people are not left behind either. Today, there exist high-quality transgender dolls that serve their purpose more effectively. You check with your convenient sex doll supplier for one. Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the facts you need to know about these dolls.

They have replaceable genital parts

What makes these dolls transgender are their replaceable genital parts. Their design allows the fixing of either the ‘male organ’ or the female one. It is such a perfect fit that makes a female doll now has a male genital organ and vice versa. Now, as a person who loves such, you will have the opportunity to play all you want and satisfy your sexual cravings.

They are available in various sub-categories

Under the big umbrella of transgender dolls, still, there are specific sub-designs which therefore offer you an array of the selection list. Like in other categories, you will always have the big ass sex dolls, the teen sex dolls, the blonde, black, TPE or Silicone, and many others. More so, in your order placement, there is always a choice of customization. Hence, you can change the blonde big booty love doll you loved to her accurately but now with black hair.

Lesslie, queen of big ass

With more customization allowance, you can even design him/ her into the celebrity you’ve always had a crush on.

They save you money

Rather than spending money on two dolls, you can find a transgender doll and fulfill your sexual aspirations. Sex dolls are generally expensive, especially those of high-end design. If you have to buy two dolls, male and female, the cost becomes very high. However, there is no harm in it if your pocket allows it and wants a distant separation between the two.

Less popular

Not so many people are transgender in the world. Going by the statistics from William Institution on the US transgender population in 2016, only 0.6 of the population were. Because of this low population, the demands for sex dolls are not as much as of other categories of dolls. To this effect, even not so many companies produce them, and if they do, they do so in limited quantity.
This, however, does not mean that it is a hustle finding them. There are lots of sex doll suppliers who always have them ready when you order.


The adult doll industry is trying to meet everyone’s sexual wishes and preferences. They always have what will not only turn you on but move ahead to satisfy your sexual intentions. New models are joining the market; you might want to check out a few. Follow this link to see them.